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Portrait Natascha Dalügge-Momme © Catrin Lange-Hahn (Ahrensburg)Communication without limits or bounds

Russian, French, English, Spanish, German.

The aim of translanguages is a monolingual communication, i.e. the statement should mean the same in the target language as in the original. My special fields of specialization are: Law, Economy, Industry and Technology, Information technology, Media and Market Research. The Authorization by the District Court in Lübeck, the Higher Regional Court in Schleswig and the Courts in Hamburg for the English, French and Russian languages enables me to certify contracts and other documents translated by me.

Natascha Dalügge-Momme, MA
Translator / Interpreter

Sanddoornweg 1A
22926 Ahrensburg / Hamburg



Tel.: (+49) (4102) 82 49 34-0
Fax: (+49) (4102) 82 49 34-1
E-mail: ndm[at]translanguages.de